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CMG Landscaping Services
CMG Landscaping Services
Landscape Installation Pennsylvania


Landscape Installation PA



Landscape Professionals

Here at CMG Landscaping, we offer a variety of services to meet all of your landscaping needs:

  1. Landscape Rip Out And Install
  2. Drainage Install / Stormwater Management
  3. Hardscaping Patios / Walkways
  4. Landscape Designs
  5. Land Clearing & Excavation
  6. Large Mature Tree Installs / Large Plantings
  7. Landscape Lighting
  8. Commercial Snow Plowing!!!!!!!
  9. Mulching
  10. Spring Cleanup

Landscape Services Chester Springs, Glenmoore, Exton, Downingtown

Landscape Ripout and Install

We carefully rip out shrubs, plants, sod, etc., and install new sod, mulch, or rock keeping the beauty of your property alive. Your outdoor area should feel like a natural extension of your home. Through professionally designed landscapes and hardscapes, you can create a beautiful outdoor area that ties together your house exterior with your interior. On top of that, you can add more value and curb appeal to your home, putting money back into your pocket down the road.

Our team understands that your home is important to you. That is why we are here to deliver breathtaking landscape designs that are personalized to your individual style. We don’t just focus on the aesthetic side but make sure our designs fit well within your property, taking soil type, Layout, and other limitations and assets of your outdoor area into consideration.

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Drainage Install

Water damage is a problem that many homeowners and business owners have to face at some point, but if their yards have effective drainage systems, the potential for water damage is greatly reduced. Hiring a landscaping expert from CMG Landscaping to improve the drainage of your lawn can limit the damage done to your home or business’s foundation and structure, building materials, vegetation, and concrete and asphalt. Proper drainage will also decrease wood rot, mold and mildew growth, the rate of erosion, and the number of pest infestations.

Stormwater Management

CMG Landscaping provides design and install specifications for projects ranging from the smallest ornamental ponds to large stormwater wetland systems. CMG Landscaping can design, install, and maintain all types of ponds, impoundments and wetlands. Taking account of your goals, site-specific objectives, and all applicable regulations, We can assist professional engineers, landscape architects, stormwater managers, regulatory agencies, and private landowners with water course design and construction.

Using Green Technology Best Management Practices and products, we implement aquatic management programs addressing aquatic vegetation control, soil stabilization, and fish & wildlife, as applied to stormwater management ponds, lakes, streams, ditches, impoundments, and wetlands.

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Hardscaping Patios and Walkways

Expand the four walls of your home with an outdoor patio. Create an outdoor living area where you and your guests can create lifelong memories.

Patios and walkways are key elements to a great landscape design. With so many different material styles to choose from, we understand how challenging it can be. Our landscape designers will work with you to help you explore the best choice for your style and property's characteristics.

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Landscape Design

We love working with homeowners to find a perfect landscape design that is beautiful and functional. Each and every one of our projects reflect unique tastes and personalities from each of our clients while also maximizing the potential of the space. Our designers work with many different factors such as site architecture and local ecology to inform the entire process.

A thoughtful design is essential for the success of any landscape. A careful balance of functionality and aesthetics is a challenge, even for a professional landscape designer, but the results are always satisfying. Our many years of training and experience in professional landscape design has given us an immense database of projects to draw from. We have dealt with a multitude of different challenges with different landscapes, but we are able to design the perfect landscape for any home, including yours.

The ultimate goal is to create a beautiful landscape that makes sense, one that just seems to perfectly compliment and fill the site, without effort.

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Land Clearing and Excavation

As a landscaping company we perform an array of services as well as professional land clearing. We are experts in vegetation management, property enhancement and fire fuel safety clearing. Because we have the latest in excavation and brush clearing equipment and an experienced and skilled team we can get the job done right. If you are developing your property, looking to maintain it or needing to install a fire break then call on us to help.

Let our experience and excellence in tree care and land clearing work for you. We can help you in both the planning and the implementation phases to help make the most of your land and resources. While many companies will not help you protect the trees and vegetation that you want to remain, we work hard to carefully preserve the beauty of your lot.

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Large Plant Install

Proper tree planting and transplanting are often underestimated. If done incorrectly, it can impact the growth and longevity of your trees.

Our local professional landscapers can help by evaluating several important factors: local weather conditions, regional pests and diseases, soil conditions, and available space. With our tree planting and transplanting services, we have the tree knowledge and experience to ensure the right tree goes in the right place.

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Landscape Lighting

Light Up Your Home with Our Outdoor Lighting Services.

At CMG Landscaping, we provide efficient and high-quality outdoor lighting services to homeowners and businesses across the country. We are proud to be the leading outdoor lighting installation provider in the nation. Our team is highly skilled, trained, and licensed to handle any outdoor lighting project, no matter how big or small. We’ve developed strong relationships with our clients because we always treat them with respect and honesty. If you need outdoor lighting installed in your home or business, you can rest assured that our team will get the job done right the first time.

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Commercial Snow Plowing

Looking for a reliable snow plow service to remove snow from your commercial property, even when the demand is overwhelming? Snow on your driveways, landscaping, walkways, parking lots, and other important areas is a constant winter headache for many business owners. When a storm hits, it could cost you serious time and business. Worse, it could pose safety risks for your staff and customers. CMG Landscaping can take care of snow removal for you conveniently, quickly, and effectively.

With our local snow plowing service, say goodbye to excessive snow and ice interfering with your business. We’ll create a custom solution for you to safely take care of the snow removal with our well-equipped experienced team – including plowing, de-icing, salting, sidewalk snow removal and more – so you can keep your lots clear and focus on your business without wasting precious time and energy. We’ll even anticipate upcoming storm developments in your area with our on-staff meteorologist to stay a step ahead of any future snow removal needs.

We’ll make preventing heavy snow buildup and de-icing services an absolute breeze!

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